Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's going on in the kitchen

I've been baking and canning and cooking quite a bit this summer. Even more so than usual simply because the weather has been great for kitchen duties. During strawberry season we went to a u-pick farm and gathered enough strawberries to make jam and freeze two containers of sugared berries for later use. Technically that use was supposed to happen this winter but we got impatient and decided to try one early.

I made my favorite shortcake recipe and used it to fill 5 tart pans instead of the normal round cake pan. This gave us lots of crunchy edges.
I'd never frozen berries like this and I was a bit nervous how they'd turn out. The thawed strawberries gave off an amazing amount of liquid - which is great for shortcake. The berries themselves were a bit squishy, but the flavor was wonderful.
We had enough berries to make three desserts
We ended up with two shortcakes left over and I just toasted them and used some of the strawberry jam on them for breakfast. Worked surprisingly well.

I also made dill pickles. Last year's dills came out way too salty. I did a better job of rinsing the brined pickles this year though so I'm hopeful these will be good. I'll let you know in six weeks or so.

They kept their pretty color
The CSA share is still giving us loads of greens, tomatoes, etc, etc. I made fish tacos last week and they were great. I had quite a few corn tortillas left over so I cooked some chicken in my own salsa (another new adventure for me) and then used a spicy lettuce mix to finish them off. Fantastic! Corn tortillas may be my new favorite thing. I heat them over the gas stove burner and they have a toasty flavor yet stay soft.
Great flavor

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