Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Garage interior is done!

We finished the second bay of the garage! This was very exciting as it paved the way for the next several projects. 

Perfect washing weather
The weather was great during this time period. Which made it a bit tweeky to be working inside the garage rather than on outdoor projects. But good weather makes for faster drywall mud drying so we were pretty darn happy.

Before mud
We quickly filled the garage with tools and trucks.

And got started on the next project - framing the garage door openings. Yes!

The red board is our color test board for the siding. You'll be seeing much more of that soon.

The garage door guy gave us precise instructions on framing the garage. Really. He did. So we got the wood together and started nailing.
One side framed
I learned a new skill - using the jig saw.

Just follow the dotted line
Took us a couple mornings to get them done but they're now ready whenever the installer arrives. Should be soon.
Both doors framed

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