Sunday, April 14, 2013

And what have you accomplished lately?

We're at the stage in several projects where it feels like not much is getting done. The downstairs bathroom is still the priority but each step seems to require down time: lay tile - let it cure; grout - let it dry; seal the grout - let it cure.

To keep on track and not flail around like we're growing in DIY, we created an "April" list. Whenever we have a bit of downtime, we check the list and make sure we're working on one of those things, not something random.

Some things on the list are big: downstairs bathroom; build upstairs storage area. Some are small: hang candelabra over dining table; hang pantry lights; etc. It's working for us (except mud season forced us to add "repair road" to the list).

So the last couple days while the sealant was curing we've:
1. Taped the sink base so that I could spray paint the pipe (have to wait for the weather to get over 50. Heck, at this point I'm hoping it gets over 40 soon).
2. Hung the pantry lights
3. Repaired drywall around switch covers and pipes
4. Unpacked more of the pantry stuff
5. Installed a twin bed in the pantry (that'll make more sense later, trust me)
6. Moved a storage cabinet out of the Nest and into the kitchen
7. Worked on repairing the water-logged road
8. Read a couple books (gotta take some downtime too, ya know)
9. Applied a finish coat of paint to the bathroom walls

Tonight I'm making spaghetti sauce, opening a bottle of red wine, and enjoying the fact that it's finally stopped raining/snowing.

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